Making sure you get the most from your medications

MedsCheck is a free service funded by the Ontario government to help you:

  • Fully understand your medication therapy.
  • Take your medications as prescribed.
  • Get the greatest benefit from your medications.

How MedsCheck works

You are eligible for the annual MedsCheck if you have an Ontario Health Card (OHIP card) and are taking a minimum of three prescription medications for a chronic condition.

If you qualify and would like to participate in a MedsCheck review:

  1. Speak to your pharmacist to book your review in our private consultation area. 
  2. Bring to your review:
    • Your Ontario Health Card.
    • A list of your current medications.
    • A list of any vitamins, minerals, supplements or herbal remedies you are taking.
    • A copy of your most recent MedsCheck review, if you have already had one completed at a different pharmacy.
  3. Allow up to 30 minutes for your review.

Your pharmacist will create a comprehensive drug review list and give you a copy to keep in case you need it for appointments with other health care providers.

Other MedsCheck programs

MedsCheck Follow-up: MedsCheck participants are eligible for a follow-up review during the year under certain conditions, including a planned hospital visit or a doctor referral based on significant changes or additions made to your medications.

Specialized MedsCheck reviews are also available. These include:

  • MedsCheck for Ontarians Living with Diabetes
  • MedsCheck at Home
  • MedsCheck for Long-term Home Residents

Setting up your free MedsCheck review

To book a MedsCheck appointment, contact your Pharma-Cure Pharmacy pharmacist, who will be pleased assist you. We look forward to your visit.